What about Antiparos Island, Greece?

Agios Spiridonas Beach, Antiparos

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How do I get to Antiparos?

Throughout the year there are ferries from the port of Pounda which make the short crossing every hour or so, at a cost of around 1 Euro per person. These ferries also carry cars and other vehicles. During the summer months there is also a regular passenger ferry service from the port in Parikia. But with both services be sure to check timetables as they frequently change depending upon demand.

Can I use my credit card everywhere?

Credit cards are accepted at about a 60% of the shops and less in restaurants. Places like cafes & bars usually not. Some villas, rooms and studios rentals also take credit cards. Credit cards are generally accepted in most other services – especially those related with tourism.

Why does one have to throw toilet paper in the bin?

Because the drainage pipes are so small they will block in many places.

What is a Greek Coffee (and how do I drink it)?

Similar to Turkish Coffee, it is drunk hot and sweetened with sugar to taste. Don't attempt to consume the grounds of the coffee itself which sink to the bottom of the cup.

What about a Frape (ice) coffee?

A Frappe is an iced nescafe. It can be drunk with or without milk and sugar. Recently the Frappe's upstart cousin, the Freddo ,has become popular. This can be either Cappucinno or Espresso, (with or without frothed fresh milk), and served over ice.

How much do I tip?

If you are happy with the service you have received, in coffee shops, restaurants and bars it's usual to leave a tip of around 10%. Sometimes on a menu you may find a note saying that service at 13% is included. It's not, at least not in the generally accepted sense. This is a throwback to the 80's when service staff were supposed to receive, (but rarely did), this amount as their pay. Even then not a tip as such.

Can I go into a church wearing shorts or a mini?

The short answer is no. The long answer is considerably less polite.

Where can I get medical treatment in an emergency?

There is a small first aid centre and a pharmacy on the island, but generally speaking medical treatment for more serious ailments is to be found on Paros.

Where can I find a quiet beach?

Well if we told you, it wouldn't stay quiet for long. Normally though, the further you are away from town, the quieter the beaches are likely to be.

Is nudism allowed on beaches?

Officially only on the beach just to the right of the camping beach but in reality as long as there are no families around, or black clad old ladies, nudism is generally tolerated in more remote areas.

When is the best time to travel to Antiparos?

It depends on what you are looking for. Obviously the summer months are busiest so if peace and solitude are the main requirements for your stay, then July and August are to be avoided.The weather is normally good from the beginning of May through to the middle of October with average sea temperatures ranging from 18c in May and October to 24c in July and August.

What's going on in winter in Antiparos?

Erm. Well not much actually. It's a time for quiet reflection and thick woolen pullovers. Apparently knitting is a popular pastime.

What about activities for kids?

Antiparos doesn't offer well-organized activities for kids. However, there is a diving center (kids can start diving from 8 years old) and a nautical club which sometimes offers lessons for kids.

At the pedestrian Market Street of the village, there is a play ground and it's safe for kids to ride their bike.

Are there any athletic and cultural activities?

Not actually on Antiparos itself, but only a short ferry trip away, is one of the best regarded schools for wind and kite surfing in the whole of Greece. Scuba Diving is also offered.

The annual organized swim across the channel from Pounta on Paros takes place at the end of August each year when hundreds compete to be the first to cross the 1.6km distance across the channel to Antiparos.

During the summer months especially, there are numerous exhibitions by local and international artists. For those interested in a more hedonistic form of culture, in previous years Antiparos has played host to a number of rock music festivals.

Is the island offered for hikes?

A number of companies offer guided walking holidays with various attended activities. Alternatively you could just strike out on your own. With a good map of course.

How about bicycles?

Bicycles is a very popular means of transport in Antiparos, for both locals and visitors. It's practical to use a bicycle in the village, and the rest of the island is offered for bike rides, either from the main asphalt or countryside roads and hills for mountain bikes.

How can I rent a car or a motorbike?

There are numerous car and bike rental agencies around the port and along the seafront. You will need your driving license but leave a copy rather than the document itself with the rental agency. Check the details of any insurance you take out to avoid any nasty shocks should you have an accident and make sure of the condition, (ie scratches and other damages) of the car before you leave. Always wear seatbelts / helmets and never drink and drive.

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