Antiparos by night

Immerse into the unique mood of Antiparos after dusk...

Immerse into the unique mood of Antiparos after dusk…

Not so long ago Antiparos was a sleepy tranquil island known mainly for its impressive cave. Whilst away from the town the tranquility remains Antiparos nowadays enjoys a cosmopolitan nightlife scene that rivals (some would say exceeds), that of its nearby neighbour.

Years ago going out in Antiparos Town meant having a meal at a taverna, a few drinks in the main square and listening to out of date music at one of the handful of music bars.

That’s still possible of course but these days there are many more alternatives.
Along the seafront you’ll still find mainly traditional food, but if you head up the main street about 200 m north from the port, a whole world of cuisine is on offer: Pizza and Pasta, Indian, Far Eastern, Modern European, Upmarket Greek, you’ll find it all here. There are also a couple of very good souvlaki shops for those on a tighter budget.

At the end of the main street, just to the left of the castle is the town’s main square. It’s surrounded by bars and coffee shops. This is a great place to sit and people watch while thinking about what to do next. A word of warning here. There is a reason why everyone sits at the central tables and not those around the edge and it has to do with the hundreds of birds twittering away in the branches above.

Away from the square there are numerous stylish small music bars playing not just the usual tired old rock of yesteryear but up to date music of all varieties. Most start to get busy around 12- 1am as the square starts to empty. Bear in mind the though, the more stylish the bar, the more stylish the accompanying price.

There are also a number of nightclubs all within easy walking distance. Most play a mixture of foreign mainstream and music with the odd Greek hit thrown in for good measure. It’s probably best to ask around to see which places are currently ‘happening’.

Throughout the summer there are also a number of organised beach parties and live music events. Check locally to see what’s on during your stay.

If you’re not actually staying on Antiparos remember to check ferry times as they don’t run all night. Although with such a wealth of options available maybe missing the last boat and dancing until dawn isn’t such a bad idea.

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